Neo Access Control Reader (ACR GEN2)

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Neo Access Control Reader (ACR) GEN2


  • 12-24v wired Access Control Reader.
  • RFID / Fob Card, Pincode and Bluetooth Entry.
  • Can be used on guest room or common door.
  • Highly Secure Solid State NO/NC Relays.
  • Tamper Switch.
  • Switch Monitor (RS/Dry Contact etc.)
  • Maintenance friendly connector
  • Must be used in combination with electric locking hardware such as motorised openers, electric strike, electric bolt, maglock etc.
  • Water proof, resin encased electronics. Can be installed open to elements.
  • Weigand 37 for optional external keypad?
  • 2 Year Warranty

Installation & Specifications


3x Key Management Options



Cloud Based, remote and in-house management of Keys

  • Flexible enterprise solution, suitable for hotels, apartment buildings, education, government facilities, gyms etc.
  • Cloud based remote key management.
  • Lock Grouping – Set one pin to many locks.(Useful for master keys and common Doors).
  • RFID / Pin and Bluetooth Keys with valid periods.
  • Multiple admin user levels
  • Scheduled free passage.
  • Remote event records.
  • API available for RMS Integration and 3rd party control.
  • Event Map to generate notifications and alarms based on user-defined conditions. Ie window open + door open + motion detected = Trigger Alarm.
  • Compatible with Neo Lock, Neo ACR, ACR2, KAS Smart PIR Energy Saver and KAS Wireless Reed Switches.



PC Software for in-house management of keys

  • Basic RFID access solution, suitable for locally managed hotels, gyms and apartments.
  • PC key management software.
  • No Internet access is required for access cards and FOB keys.
  • Valid key periods.
  • Scheduled free passage.
  • Master / Staff / Guest keys.
  • Lock entry records
  • Compatible with Neo Lock and Neo ACR

Stand Alone

Basic management of keys via lock face keypad.

  • Basic solution, suitable for single locks, home entry, low volume AirBNB etc.
  • Manual entry on RFID / Fob pass and pin codes direct to the face of the lock.
  • Auto-generate 8 digit pin codes with valid period.
  • Custom 4 Digit pin codes (no valid period).
  • Bluetooth Entry.


Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 5.5 cm